Welcome to Jenny Cromack Personal Training. By reading this website you have taken the first step towards achieving your goals and a fitter and healthier you!

It is easy to say you are going to get fit, lose weight or fit into those jeans which used to fit but now don’t! The hardest part is actually doing it… this is where we can help!

motive8 North Personal Training Studio, Leeds.

Jenny Cromack Personal Training has recently formed a new, exciting fitness company called motive8 North. We are based at our fantastic new personal training studio at Holbeck Urban Village, Leeds. In addition to personal training in Leeds, the fitness studio also offers buddy training, small group personal training and exercise classes such as Zumba, Pilates, Aerobics, Circuit Training and many more.

The personal training studio in Leeds has a range of cardiovascular and strength equipment including cable motion resistance machines, kettlebells, Viprs, Olympic Bars, dumbbells and much more to help people achieve a wide range of goals.

The studio was chosen and designed to offer smaller, but less intimidating exercise classes than you may find at a larger gym. This means that we are able to make sure clients are working to their full potential and using the correct techniques meaning classes have a personalised feel, rather than clients feeling just like one of many in a class.

We have a great team of class instructors who are friendly but work you hard and make your workout enjoyable.

There are lockers and showers for clients to use to at their convenience, in addition to free car parking.

Home Personal Training

We appreciate that coming to the studio is not suitable for everyone, training sessions can also be performed in the privacy of your own home, at your work place or in your local park.

Wherever you have your training sessions you are guaranteed that we will provide as much support and encouragement as we can to ensure that you achieve your targets, in return all we ask is that you give 100% effort in all of your training sessions and to your training programme as a whole.

In addition to motivating you during your sessions we also provide support outside of your sessions with weekly contact to encourage you to perform your exercise programme outside of your 1:1 session and answer any questions you may have.

Along the path to achieving your goals we will keep you motivated even when the going gets tough. The training will be hard, there’ll be sweat (but only tears of joy when you see the results!) but we can guarantee that training with motive8 North will be fun and enjoyable and you will soon see the results that personal training can bring.

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